Police post attacked by gunmen in Mali, injuring two

Security sources announce attack on main bus station seriously wounds police officer and civilian in Bamako, Mali

Photo by: AFP
Photo by: AFP

Two wounded in Mali police police post shooting

Two gunmen attacked a bus station in Bamako, Mali on Wednesday wounding a police officer and a civilian, security sources said.

An intelligence source told Reuters earlier that two police officers were killed in the attack while no official comment has been made from the government.

“I saw two men wearing turbans on foot firing in the air and walking in the direction of the police post [at the bus station]," an unidentified witness told.

“They entered the police post firing. Then they left and fired inside the deserted bus station. Everyone had fled," the witness added.

Locals told that the area was surrounded by security forces who searched suspected cars along the main road nearby.

At least 10 people were killed in a fresh militant attack in Gaberi, in the north of Mali, on Sunday, just two days after another attack at a hotel known for hosting UN personnel in Sevare, 600km north of the country’s capital, Bamako, resulting in the death of 17 people, some of which were foreigners.

Militant group Al Mourabitoun, which is linked to Al Qaeda claimed responsibility for the  hotel siege on Monday.

In recent months, attacks on UN peacekeepers and Malian army personnel have intensified in the West African country.

The UN has recently brokered a peace agreement to end the conflict between Tuareg, a secessionist ethnic group, and the Mali government.

Tuareg are a nomadic ethnic group believed to be related to the ethnic Berbers, about 1.2 million in population, and mostly live in the Sahara Desert. They have carried out frequent revolts against the Malian government.


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