Poorer, younger Syrians reject political solution

Istanbul-based observatory conducts survey stating young and underprivileged Syrians are against negotiations between Syrian regime and opposition for political solution in Syria

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Updated Jul 28, 2015

According to a survey conducted by Istanbul-based, The Day After Association (TDA) - an independent Syrian-led civil society organization working to support democratic transition in Syria- the Syrian youth and the underprivileged are against a negotiation between a Syrian regime and opposition for a political solution.

A non-representative sample are used by the organisation to conduct the survey which included more than 2,767 respondents (1,741 men, 1,026 women) within Syria as well as Syrians displaced in refugee camps.

The sample was conducted during the period of  March 30 - May 19, 2015 and covered areas under regime control as well as opposition-held areas. The survey’s aim was to understand Syrians’ attitudes towards the negotiations between the regime, and the opposition as well as their attitude on proposed UN-backed initiatives.

About 83 percent of the respondents - most of them between the age of 26-45 - said they did not believe the plan would present any possible solution, or that it would be in the interest of the regime alone.

The survey showed nearly half of the respondents believe the absence of an international interest in finding a solution for the Syrian crisis is the main reason for the continuation of the Syrian war.

According to the TDA, Syrians appear to have lost trust in a political solution in Syria or any negotiated settlement, having been represented by  political  factions  that  lack  significant  support  within Syria,  and  who  regularly kowtow to the reckless interests of regional and international powers.

Steffen de Mistura, the UN special envoy to Syria, headed to Damascus four times till July attempting to broker a deal between the Bashar al Assad regime and rebels for a ceasefire in Aleppo.

Mistura has not yet received agreement from opposition groups which refuse any negotiations unless Assad departs from power.

The war that started as an uprise later descended into a complex civil war. More than 6.7 million have fled the country while millions of others are displaced internally.
The Syrian observatory for Human Rights - based in Britain - additionally documented the death toll during the Muslim Holy month of Ramadan as being 5,026 people, 1,220 of whom were civilians - including 224 children and 222 women.

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