PYD hinders Kurdish solidarity protest in Syria’s Qamishli

Kurdish organisations protest in Qamishli to support Kurds in Iran

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Updated Jul 28, 2015

Kurdish People's Protection Units (YPG) fighters in the Qamishli province of northern Syria prevented Saturday’s organisations from continuing a solidarity protest supporting Kurds in Iran.

The demonstration aimed at displaying solidarity between the Kurds worldwide supports the Kurdish insurrection in the Kurdish Iranian province of Mahabad after a Kurdish girl had committed suicide to escape an Iranian official attempting to rape her.

PYD fighters have arrested the crews of Rudaw, the Iraqi Kurdish Regional Government’s state media as they were following the protest in the Karkili district of the town of Malkia, reported Moreover they confiscated all the protesters’ mobile devices, said Syria

Since 2012 the PYD, controls the district of Malkia and neighbouring districts including the border crossings with Iraq and Turkey after regime forces withdrew from the region.

PYD, the Syrian affiliate of the outlawed PKK which is recognised as a terrorist organisation by the EU, NATO as well as Turkey, is a militant group based out of Turkey.

Narin Metini, chief of the Democratic Women Net which participated alongside the other organisations in the protest said, “We are supporting the Kurds in the Kurdish part of
Iran …. we are calling all Kurds all over the world to protest against tyranny as well, we are calling the world to support Kurds,” reported the news site.

The Kurdish protests and demonstrations were ignited on Thursday in Mahabad shortly after a 25-year old Kurdish girl committed suicide. Several videos on social media showed her jump to her death when a tourism police officer allegedly tried to rape her in a hotel.

The incident caused a “state of anger” among the city’s Kurdish population who accuse the Iranian government of mistreating and marginalising them, according to Rudaw, a Kurdish news website.

Investigations into the death of Khosravani are still on-going as Iranian officials have urged the protesters to wait until an investigation into the incident is completed.

While the PYD was arresting the Kurds in Qamishli, activists posted a photo on social media in which activists are shown in Kafr Nubul in the northern Syrian opposition held city of Idlib, holding a banner supporting Kurds in Iran.

The banner read: “History will remember the early Kurds’ sense for freedom.They ignited it in Syria in 2004 and today they are doing the same in Iran.”

Moreover, in the capital of the Kurdish Regional Government of Iraq, Erbil, there were widespread demonstrations on Sunday morning supporting the Iranian kurds.

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