Ramadi falls to ISIS as Iraqi forces flee

Iraq says ISIS have full control over Ramadi, after government security forces left city

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Updated Jul 28, 2015

Iraqi officials announced on late Sunday that ISIS have the full control over Ramadi.

ISIS militants took the full control of the capital of Anbar province, after local police and Iraqi army left the city told the witnesses. The militants have reportedly set on fire a gas station and several government buildings in the city.

Prime Minister Haider al Abadi, had previously ordered the security forces to keep their positions and said the Shia militia wouldbe sent to the city.

Following the developments, additional security forces and Sunni tribal fighters instructed by the PM Abadi to enter Anbar province to stop the advance of ISIS, Iraqi state television reported.

Earlier on Sunday, in three separate suicide attacks at least 40 Iraqi soldiers were killed and many others injured, according to the Iraqi officials. ISIS gained advance in the city after the suicide attacks which caused a panic.

ISIS seized control of an Iraqi government complex in Ramadi on Friday.

Ramadi is a strategic key town about 100km west of the Iraqi capital Baghdad.

Hundereds of Sunni cililians are reportedly fleeing the city after ISIS takes the control.

Pentagon lately announced that it was too early to make any comments on the situations in Ramadi.

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