Rebel brigade weighs options as Syria's war enters seventh year

The Muntaser Billah brigade, made up of Arab and Turkmen fighters, say their current priority is fighting Daesh and the YPG as part of Operation Euphrates Shield.

Photo by: TRT World
Photo by: TRT World

Muntaser Billah rebels defended Aleppo from Syrian regime soldiers until they took it back.

The Free Syrian Army (FSA) continues to fight against the Bashar al Assad’s regime forces and Daesh in the region as the Syrian conflict enters its seventh year.

Since Operation Euphrates Shield began in August last year, the Turkish-backed rebels have cleared most of the northern border area of Daesh.

One FSA rebel brigade called Muntaser Billah is based outside the Turkmen village of Cobanbey (or Al Rai). It had previously defended Aleppo from regime soldiers until the regime forces took it back. 

Its members are mostly Turkmen and Arab, who say their current priority is fighting Daesh and the YPG as part of Operation Euphrates Shield.

TRT Wolrd's Ediz Tiyansan visited the group's base from where they are taking part in Al Rai operations.