Rebels in Syria capture town from regime in west

Syrian rebels recapture villages in Syria’s western Hama province after Syrian regime troops seized it days ago

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Rebel fighters prepare to launch an anti-tank missile towards forces loyal to Syrian regime leader Bashar al Assad in the Jabal al Akrad area in Syria's northwestern Latakia province on November 25 2014

Updated Nov 7, 2015

The Britan-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) said that Syrian rebels reclaimed the town of Atshan in Syrian’s western Hama province from Syrian regime troops on Friday as part of intensified clashes between the two sides that began in early October.  

Syrian regime forces allied with Hezbollah militiamen, Iranian troops and advisors launched an attack on rebels in the west following the Russian air campaign that began on Sept. 30.

Syrian rebels on Thursday captured the town of Morek on a major highway in western Syrian Hama province from the regime forces and allied militias, after fierce fighting, rebels reported and a monitoring group said.

The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) said that warplanes, believed to be Russian, targeted the town of Morek, north of Hama, after the rebels took control of the town.

Russia started its air campaign in Syria on September 30, targeting Assad opponent positions, although the initial claims for the campaign was to attack DAESH targets.

Morek is strategic location, since it is on the highway that is crucial to control of western Syrian territories. The war in Syria started at 2011 as an uprising and later descended into a complex civil war with the interference of International and regional powers of Iran, United States and Russia.

The United Nations estimates the death toll in Syria, since the war started, to be at least 250,000.

A further estimate of 350,000 refugees have sought asylum in European Union countries since the war began in Syria in 2011.

About 4 million others took refuge in neighbouring countries of Turkey, Lebanon, Iraq and Egypt, with Turkey hosting the largest group with over 2 million.

Thousands are still pushing towards EU countries which caused a global refugee crisis urging for an immediate solution in Syria.

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