Rebels say new deal to evacuate civilians from Aleppo is on

Syrian regime shelling and air strikes shattered a previous ceasefire agreement in east Aleppo but a new one was struck late Wednesday night.

Photo by: Reuters (Archive)
Photo by: Reuters (Archive)

UN Human Rights Cheif said the onslaught on civilians in east Aleppo amounts to war crimes.

The evacuation of rebels and civilians from eastern Aleppo is expected to get underway early Thursday morning if a newly brokered ceasefire continues to hold. 

A new agreement was reached late Wednesday night, after a previous truce collapsed.

Bashar al Assad's regime broke the previous ceasefire that was supposed to allow residents to safely leave the area.

But the Iranian-backed Shia militia Hezbollah, who is fighting for the regime, said reports of a new deal and evacuations from the city were untrue.

Instead, a new ground offensive was launched by the Shia militia, which leaves the new ceasefire deal and the safe evacuation of civilians in serious jeopardy.

War Crimes

The regime and its allies Russia and Iran, have been accused of unleashing an onslaught on civilians in east Aleppo that probably amounts to war crimes.

This is the assessment of the UN's Human Rights Chief after a day of intense shelling and airstrikes on the last remaining opposition-held areas.

And as the war in Syria continues, more and more people are seeking asylum elsewhere.

TRT World 's Ediz Tiyansan reports.

Turkey is host to the largest Syrian refugee population with around 2.7 million in the country.

TRT World 's Zeina Awad reports on the situation.