Red Crescent says 29 dead bodies washed up on shore in Libya

Red Crescent says they have found twenty nine dead bodies believed to be refugees on Libyan beach

Photo by: AFP
Photo by: AFP

Updated Oct 26, 2015

Twenty nine dead bodies thought to be refugees were found on the Libyan coastline, 160km east of Tripoli, reported the Red Crescent.

"Local residents told us about bodies on the beaches around Zliten," said spokesman Mohamed al Misrati.

"We discovered 25 bodies, then another four," he added.

Misrati did not provide information on the nationality of the deceased, but according to the news agency of Tripoli, the bodies were believed to be from Africa.

Misrati said that the Red Crescent expects to discover more bodies on Sunday.

Libya, which is a North African country, is a popular transit point for refugees trying to reach Europe.

Swedish forces on August had found about 50 bodies in the hull of a refugee boat off the coast of Libya, according to the Italian coast guard.

The Swedish ship Poseidon, which had been patrolling the area as a part of the Triton search and rescue mission, rescued 439 survivors from the wooden vessel alongside the dead bodies.

Following the rescue operation, Swedish coast guard spokesman, Mattias Lindholm said that "We had to cut up the deck of the wooden boat to get to (the bodies) in a safe way."

Lindholm also added that asphyxiation may have caused the death of the victims, who were crammed in the boat by Libyan-based smugglers and given the hope that they would reach Europe. 

According to a report released by the International Organization for Migration in September, 2,600 refugees have died trying to cross the sea in overcrowded boats. 

The number of refugees who have already crossed the Mediterranean Sea, far exceeds last years number, which was 219,000 for the entire year.

Meanwhile, the European Union is holding talks to find a solution for the growing refugee crisis in the continent.

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