Regime, DAESH sign agreement to evacuate 5,000 members

Syrian regime signs agreement with DAESH terrorist group to evacuate strongholds with their families in southern suburb of Syria’s capital Damascus

Photo by: AP
Photo by: AP

DAESH terrorists march in Syrian city of Raqqa

Updated Dec 26, 2015

The Syrian state media said on Thursday that the first round of DAESH terrorists have started to make their move away from the al Qadam neighbourhood to an undisclosed area due to an agreement signed between the Syrian regime and DAESH terrorists to evacuate the southern suburbs of Damascus with their families.  

Although their point of destination has not yet been disclosed, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) states that they can be headed towards Bir al Qasab in Reef Dimashq, the Homs countryside or the Raqqa countryside.

The Britain-based SOHR reported that the first group to evacuate will be DAESH terrorists followed by their families, who will be moved out from Yarmouk camp, al Hajar al Aswad, and al Qadam.

DAESH has had a significant foothold in Hajar al Aswad, a suburb of Damascus, but they were blocked between pro-regime forces and opposition groups.

Details of the agreement were exposed and stated that the evacuation will be done under the observation of the Syrian Red Crescent and the UN.

A UN spokesman told reporters in New York that "The UN is an observer to the agreement concerning Yarmouk, but not part of it, which we understand should come into effect in the coming few days."

Pro-regime media stated that the deal includes the terrorists taking their personal weapons with them and that regime forces will take control of the areas they’re evacuated from.

“Dozens of vehicles carrying ISIS militants were seen existing the al Qadam district in the southern suburb of Damascus towards the highway that leads to Raqqa,” media activist Ismael al Shami told ARA News, a Syrian independent news website staffed by a group of journalists and media activists reporting from Syria and abroad.

“This is the first batch of ISIS [DAESH] fighters withdrawing from Damascus, as the group is expected to further evacuate the districts of At Tal and al Hajar al Aswad, in accordance with the recently reached agreement between the group and the pro-Assad army,” al Shami said.

According to the Syrian regime’s media outlets, the total number of DAESH terrorists that will be evacuated from southern Damascus will be approximately 5,000, including their families.

The terrorist group, DAESH, is controlling swathes that starts from western Iraqi territories to north-eastern Syria, where the group has proclaimed the establishment of a state in territory under its control, claiming the city of Raqqa as their capital.


Recently, several local ceasefires and safe-passage agreements have been concluded in other hot areas in Syria. One was in the town of Zabadani on the Lebanese border and in two villages in Idlib province.

Homs province has also reached an agreement to have rebel members and their families to leave the besieged area in the last rebel-held district of Waer.

The UN said that the agreement in Damascus could help pave the way for a truce all over the country, ending the war that started in 2011 and claimed the lives of more than 250,000 people.

Meanwhile, the pro-opposition Orient News Channel reported that more than 25 DAESH terrorists have been killed and injured in clashes with Syrian rebels on the streets of Daaboul in Damascus’s southern Tadhamon neighbourhood.

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