Residents of eastern Mosul slowly rebuild their lives

As the battle rages on between Iraqi forces and Daesh in Mosul, the future remains uncertain for many residents there.

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Civilians in the east are slowly rebuilding their lives as the battle with Daesh is continuing in the western part of Mosul.

Updated Mar 2, 2017

As the battle for Mosul rages in the west, people in the eastern part of the Iraqi city are slowly rebuilding their lives since Daesh was pushed out.

Iraqi forces launched an operation on February 19 to retake western Mosul from Daesh.

On Wednesday, the Iraqi army took control of the last major road from the group.

Iraqi Federal Police are doing their part in the battle by sending a spy drone across the Tigris River to spot Daesh positions and call in air strikes in the west.

But as the battle rages on, the future still remains uncertain for many of these residents.

TRT World's Nicole Johnston is there, and reports that the war is still too uncomfortably close.


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