Rockets fired at UN base in Gao, Mali

Malian city of Gao which has UN peacekeepers base has been attacked with rockets

Photo by: AFP (Archive)
Photo by: AFP (Archive)

French and UN soldiers patrol near Gao city, northern Mali

There has been four explosions as rockets fired on early Monday in Mali’s northern city of Gao military sources and residents said. The United Nations said that there haven’t been reports of injuries or damage.

In 2012, militant groups seized major towns in northern Mali, including Gao, where a base for UN peacekeepers and a French regional security force serves.

A year later, French military and an international coalition helped the government of Mali to retake the northern part of the country.

However, the militant groups recently intensified their fight on Western and Malian targets and they have been occasionally carrying out attacks after they were driven out of the region.

Radhia Achouri, a spokesperson who is currently in Mali for UN mission said the rockets exploded around 0530 GMT in the city and near Gao’s airport and added that the precise target was not immediately clear.

Malian city of Gao which hosts France’s anti-terrorism force Barkhane since August 2014 is seen as the safest city in Mali’s north.

On late November, Minusma base in Kidal was attacked by Ansar Dine, a group which suspected to have ties with Al Qaeda. Three people have died in the attack.

Last month also a luxury hotel in Bamako had been attacked by militants who killed 20 people.

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