Rouhani says Iran voted ‘right and proper path for country'

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani claims his voters chose 'right and proper path for country'

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani attends a session of Supreme Health Council, in Tehran February 22, 2016.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani stated voters chose “the right and proper path for the country,” on Tuesday after final election results showed his allies had made significant gains.

Friday’s twin election, to elect members of parliament as well as the assembly of experts, was crucial for the president and a referendum on his administration after its nuclear deal with world powers.

Hardliners who vocally opposed Rouhani’s diplomacy with the West were soundly beaten by reformists. Conservatives also lost seats.

"The owners of this country are the people... they determine the path and direction of this country," the president said.

"I thank our intelligent and brave people who have taken a step forward," he said at an auto industry conference in Tehran.

The president urged a spirit of cooperation among MPs from across Iran’s political spectrum.

The 290 seats of parliament were not decisive to a single group, yet Rouhani is suggested to be able to forge a working party.

The main conservative list secured 103 MPs, reformists and moderates 95, and independents 14, while five seats went to minorities and four to candidates with no single affiliation.

While conservatives were wiped out by reformists in Tehran, they retained strong support in other cities and enjoyed strong support in rural areas.

Some 69 constituencies had no clear winner, meaning a second round runoff in April in a field that has more conservatives than reformists and moderates.

Strong public support was signalled by the outcome to support the nuclear deal between Iran and world powers, an agreement steered by the president which saw the lifting of sanctions in January.

"Cooperation should be everyone's concern. Today the era of confrontation is over," Rouhani added.

Friday's second election for the Assembly of Experts also produced high-profile gains for Rouhani and his closest allies.

By contrast, 15 of the 16 candidates running in Tehran on the list headed by Rouhani and his veteran political backer, former president Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, were resoundingly voted in.