Russia ‘approves arm sell’ to Iraq

Kremlin approves arm sell to Baghdad in month talks to fight against DAESH

Photo by: AP
Photo by: AP

Hakim al Zamili, a parliament member and head of Security and Defense Committee

Updated Nov 23, 2015

The Iraqi parliament’s security and defense committee this weekend announced that Kremlin had approved the sale of Russian arms to the Iraq.

Iraq’s Council of Representatives' move came a month after the green light was given to Russia for them to fight against DAESH terrorist group in Iraq as it does in Syria.

Iraqi Prime Minister, Haider al Abadi in early October said that they would welcome Russian air strikes against DAESH in his country.

The Iraqi government complained about the lack of air support to Iraqi forces fighting against the terrorist group from the US-led Combined Joint Task Force, (CJTF) under Operation Inherent Resolve.

Committee member Shakhwan Abdullah said that the transaction was a result of earlier talks between two parliament counterparts.

Early in November, an Iraqi delegation visited the Russian Federation to hold talks with Russian representatives and executive authorities.

Chairman of the Iraqi Parliamentary and Defence Commission Hakim al Zamili confirmed by "convincing Russia to provide Iraq with arms on deferred payment."

He also stressed that the disclosion of the reasons for the non-arrival of Russian MI-28 since the past three months were due to "non-permission of the Turkish side."

"Turkey did not permit the passage of the planes because the authorisation was in the name of the previous Iraqi Premier Nouri al Maliki, which is not a justification," Zamili said.

Zamili suggested that the plane could pass through Iranian air space, “for instance.”

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