Russia, China veto UN resolution on Syrian chemical weapon attacks

Russia and China have vetoed a UN Security Council bid to sanction the Syrian regime over chemical attacks in Syria.

Photo by: AP
Photo by: AP

A UN investigator takes samples around a chemical missile found in Syria.

Russia and China on Tuesday vetoed a Western-backed UN Security Council resolution that would have imposed sanctions on 21 Syrian individuals, organisations and companies allegedly involved in chemical weapons attacks in the war-ravaged country.

The defeated Security Council resolution would also have banned all countries from supplying Syria's government with helicopters, which investigators have determined were used in chemical attacks.

In Tuesday's vote, the resolution got the minimum nine "yes" votes.

In addition to China and Russia, Bolivia voted "no."

Three countries abstained — Egypt, Ethiopia and Kazakhstan.

The vetoed resolution followed a joint investigation by the United Nations and the international chemical weapons watchdog that determined the Syrian government was behind at least three attacks involving chlorine gas and Daesh were responsible for at least one involving mustard gas.