Russia pauses military operations in eastern Aleppo

The pause comes after weeks of brutal bombardment by the Syrian regime and its allies, Russia and Iran, during which hundreds have been killed.

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Aleppo, once the biggest city in Syria, has been left in ruins after a brutal siege by the Syrian regime.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has stated that there has been a pause in the Syrian regime's military operations in Aleppo.

For weeks the rebel-held areas of eastern Aleppo have been hammered by the Syrian regime and its allies, Russia and Iran.

Food and basic supplies are on the verge of running out and hospitals have been bombed and are no longer operating. 

Lavrov also added that Russian and United States military experts will meet again on Saturday to discuss the conflict.

"An agreement has been reached for our military experts and diplomats to meet on Saturday in Geneva to finish the work that was being done on the document that defines ways and means for a final solution of the problem of eastern Aleppo."

"All the militants must leave Aleppo as well as civilians who want to do so. I can inform you that the Syrian army suspended active military operations in eastern Aleppo today."

"Because of withdrawal of civilians is being conducted. It's a column of about 8,000 people, it's a colossal operation, and its route is five kilometres long," Lavrov said.

TRT World's Jon Brain reports from Hamburg.