Russia to start building two nuclear reactors in Iran

Russia to construct two nuclear reactors in Iran, says the Iranian atomic agency spokesman

Photo by: AP
Photo by: AP

Russia's President Vladimir Putin (R) and Iran's President Hassan Rouhani (L)

Russia will start building two nuclear reactors in Iran as Tehran wants to create more alternative energy facilities concerning its oil and gas reserves, the spokesman of Iranian atomic agency, Behrouz Kamalvandi, said on Tuesday.

Works for nuclear reactors "will commence next week," Iranian state television's website cited Behrouz Kamalvandi as saying.

And this comes a year after Iran signed a contract with Russia with the purpose of constructing two reactors at the existing Russian-built Bushehr power plant.

The reactors will be funded by Iran, Sergei Kiriyenko, head of Russia's state nuclear company Rosatom, announced.

Some agreements also signed between the two countries last year expect to eventually increase the number of Russian-built nuclear reactors in Iran to nine over the course of time.

Meanwhile, Iran plans to set up 20 more nuclear plants within the next few years, involving four in Bushehr.

The agreement follows a historic nuclear deal between Iran and six world powers - Britain, China, France, Germany, Russia and the United States -it is aimed at monitoring Iran's most sensitive nuclear work for a time span of over 12 years in exchange for immediate relief for the country from the economic sanctions, which have long crippled its economy.

Also, Russian companies will be following business opportunities closely after the sanctions on Tehran are lifted and this is expected to happen within the next two months, as the nuclear deal is close to its “implementation” stage.

The chief of the International Cooperation Department of the Russian industrial corporation “Rostec”, Victor Kladov, told AFP, "Everyone is waiting for the sanctions to be lifted and every one wants to be the first" to enter Iran.

"Iran and Russia have a long history, and we are trusted partners for each other," he added.

Rostec has 700 business enterprises, organised into 14 conglomerate corporations, and nine of them are only focused on the military field.

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