Russian air strikes force civilians to migrate

Increasement of Russia's air strikes to places where civilians live such as Hama, forces residents to leave their homes and migrate to other areas of Syria

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

Residents of Hama have had to migrate from where they live due to recent Russian airstrikes

Due to Russian air strikes to the northern part of Hama, residents of the province have felt unsafe and have started to migrate to southern part of Idlib which is also one of the targets of the Russian and regime air strikes.

Residents of the provinces that were targeted by both Russian air strike and regime forces have been facing difficult conditions. As a human rights group expressed on Wednesday, Russian air strikes hit at least three medical facilities in two days.

New York-based Physicians for Human Rights said Russian strikes worsened an already bad situation for civilians living in areas where the health system had been systematically attacked by the Syrian regime.

Groups director of programme, Widney Brown, has said with reference to the Russian air strikes, that having armed forces does not give any entity any right to abuse the law.

"These attacks are inexcusable. Claiming that the fight is against terrorists does not give any government the right to tear up the laws of war, which specifically protect health workers and facilities," Brown said.

"With these actions, Russia is damaging hospitals, putting patients and medical staff at risk, and depriving civilians of life-saving access to health care."

According to local sources, Russian air forces have used cluster bombs to strike the places where civilians live and frontlines of opposition forces on Wednesday. As sources said, there have been no ISIS militants in the places where Russian air strikes have bombed.

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