Russian cruise missiles hit DAESH targets in Syria

Russian launched cruise missile strikes from Mediterranean warship on Syrian city of Raqqa

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Cruise missiles

Russian warships have launched cruise missiles from the eastern Mediterranean into the Syrian city of Raqqa, targeting positions held by DAESH terrorists.

The assault comes on the same day as France carried out its second wave of air strikes on DAESH targets in Raqqa since Sunday.

France escalated its efforts to defeat the terrorist group, since attacks by DAESH terrorists killed at least 129 people on Friday evening in the French capital Paris.

According to a French source cited by the Reuters news agency, Russia used both cruise missiles and long-range bombers to hit DAESH targets.

Videos also appeared on social media claiming to show long-range missiles hitting Syria’s largest city Aleppo, but the authenticity of these videos are yet to be verified.

Russia started its own operation against the terrorist group on Sept. 30, rivalling air strikes being conducted by the US-led coalition, of which France is a member.

A US official said Moscow had informed Washington of the planned cruise missile strike beforehand in the context of an agreed coordination between the two superpowers regarding their parallel campaigns in Syria.

It is the second time Russia hit targets in Syria using sea-launched cruise missiles, after the first of such assaults was launched from the Caspian Sea last month.

However, there has been concern that Russian air strikes may be hitting groups other than DAESH, including Syrian opposition forces fighting against the regime of Bashar al Assad.

Earlier on Tuesday, it was confirmed that a bomb detonated by DAESH caused a plane carrying Russian tourists from the Egyptian resort of Sharm al Sheikh to crash last month, killing all 224 passengers and staff on board.

President Vladmir Putin and his French counterpart Francois Hollande agreed to strengthen coordination of military actions in the fight against DAESH during a phone talk on Tuesday, the Kremlin said.

 The two leaders will be meeting in Moscow on Nov. 26 to continue talks on fighting terrorism, the Kremlin also said. 

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