Saudi Arabia declares senior Hezbollah leaders terrorist

Saudi Arabia designates two senior leaders of Lebanese Hezbollah as terrorists

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Updated Jul 28, 2015

Two senior leaders of the Iranian-backed Lebanese Shiite militia Hezbollah have been designated as terrorists by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which has accused them of being involved in conflicts within Syria and Yemen, Reuters has reported.

The names of the officials were identified by SPA news agency as Khalil Youssef Harb, who was a military commander in charge of Hezbollah's activities in Yemen, and Mohammed Qabalan who was convicted by an Egyptian court in absentia in 2010 for "illegal" activities in the country.

The Saudi kingdom has imposed financial sanctions on the two officials, freezing their assets and banning Saudis from trading with either of them, according to SPA.

Tehran and Riyadh support rival forces in conflicts all over the middle east, including in Syria and Yemen, mostly along sectarian lines.

According to Saudi Arabia, the government of President Bashar al Assad in Syria is the biggest cause of regional instability and Iran is supporting militias in Lebanon, Iraq and Yemen along with Assad in Syria, increasing sectarian tensions in the Middle East.

Earlier on Wednesday, Iran-backed Shiite militants advanced through the hilltops with the assistance of the Syrian regime’s army, killing dozens of Nusra front combatants.

Saudi Arabia has raised concerns over Hezbollah’s intervention in Yemen and Syria, accusing Iran of create chaos in Middle East and involving the Shiite community in the region.

It was not mentioned whether the decision by Saudi Arabia to blacklist the Hezbollah officials had anything to do with Hezbollah’s intervention in Syria.

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