Saudi Arabia warns rebels over truce breaches

Saudi-led coalition spokesman warned Houthi rebels due to alleged breaching of the truce.

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Updated Jul 28, 2015

Saudi-led coalition spokesperson warned the five-day humanitarian truce may not last long, due to alleged truce breaching by the Iranian-backed Houthi rebels.

UN envoy to Yemen Ismail Ould Sheikh Ahmed said he was "very worried about violations of the truce", urging all sides to "strictly respect a cessation of military operations to allow the flow of desperately needed aid”.

The coalition accused Iranian-backed rebels of violating the ceasefire for the second day in a row by carrying out military operations, including shelling Saudi troops in the border zone and targeting citizens' homes, according to a statement carried by the official Saudi Press Agency.

The Saudi-proposed a five-day ceasefire which was announced after a visit of the US secretary of state, John Kerry to Riyadh during a meeting with Saudi king Salman.

Fuel, water and medicine were running out of the war torn country, Nadia Sakkaf, Yemen's information minister now based in Riyadh, said seven vessels carrying food supplies, medical aid and fuel had docked in Yemeni ports.
Qatar and Kuwait said they will offer Yemen 120 and 40 tons of medical aid, respectively while Saudi Arabia offered Yemen $540 million in aid and humanitarian operations.

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