Shiite leader: Iraqi forces are ready for Ramadi battle

leader of the Shiite Iraqi Popular Mobilization Forces reiterated readiness for the battle of retaking Ramadi city from ISIS

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Updated Jul 28, 2015

Secretary General of the Badr Organization and commander of the Shiite Iranian-backed Popular Mobilization Forces, Hadi- al-Amiri, affirmed on Saturday that his forces are ready for the battle to purge Ramadi from ISIS.

Karim Nouri, the spokesman of Popular forces said that ‘Our fighters have pushed toward Ramadi in order to surround it and put more pressure on ISIS militants in the Anbar province and in the coming days the forces will attack the center of Ramadi,’ the Kurdish Rudaw news agency reported.

Nouri said Sunday that the forces have advanced in areas of the Salahadin province in preparation for an attack on the ISIS-held city of Ramadi to be carried out in coordination with the Iraqi Army according.

On Thursday Iraq's ministry of defense said in a statement that the country's warplanes pounded the area of Heet in Anbar and destroyed two bomb-making factories used by the ISIS fighters.

The head of the Babil province security committee, Falah Khafaji, said that “Five military regiments have been sent to Anbar and 36 km inside the province to control the city and towns around the city. Those forces had a big role in clearing the Garma area from ISIS militants.”

The Iraqi forces in regions of Khalidiya and Habbaniya to the south of Ramadi will also participate in the attack on Ramadi as Khafaji said.

Anbar, Iraq’s westernmost province, has been largely held by ISIS since early 2014, with Ramadi remaining as a focal point for clashes since August.

Following the Iraqi army and Iranian backed militias’ successes in expelling ISIS from Tikrit in March, the militants began to ramp up their attacks on Ramadi and took over the city on March 15.

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