Sisi: Be ready for fall of Assad

Egypt’s Sisi warns of possible fall of Syrian regime leader Assad, while Russian President Putin reaffirms support for regime

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Updated Jul 28, 2015

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el Sisi said to Lebanese delegation that they should be prepared for the fall of Syrian President Bashar al Assad, according to Daily Star report on Friday, quoting an anonymous member of the delegation.

The report said Syria is in bad shape due to the ongoing clashes which started more than four years ago, quoted Sisi as saying, and warned the delegation  about possible developments that could suddenly hit Syria.

He also said any dramatic shift as a result of Assad’s removal could lead a bigger refugee issue for Lebanon which is already hosting around a half million of Syrian refugees.

“Therefore, Lebanon should endeavor to fortify itself and start anticipating how it would deal with such a possibility,” said Sisi, quoted by the Daily Star report.

While Egypt’s Sisi remarks his rejection on Assad regime in Syria, Russian President Vladimir Putin reaffirms his support for Assad during an economic conference in the city of St Petersburg on Friday.

Putin said the fall of Assad would lead Syria into a situation in which Libya and Iraq will be suffering, adding that he is ready to work with Assad to bring reforms to the worn-torn Syria.

"We are ready to work with Assad so that he engages in a process of political change," said the Russian president.

"We are ready to push President Assad so that he engages in discussions with the 'healthy' opposition with a view towards political reforms. It is totally feasible.”

Russia has so far together with Iran supported the Assad regime whereas the US and other Western allies together with the Gulf Arab dynasties have long been insisting on the regime change in Syria.

Since the Geneva talks, the US and Russia have been clashing over the ongoing Syrian crisis for which the parties could not have converged on how to end the civil war engulfing the Assad regime in Damascus.

The UN and London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights group, which tracks the conflict from Britain through contacts on the ground announced last month that over 220,000 people have been killed in the four years of Syrian conflict and millions of people have been forced to flee their homes.


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