Sixth Palestinian shot dead in three days

Israeli soldiers shot dead two Palestinians claiming alleged stabbing attempt

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Israeli troops gather at the scene where a Palestinian, who the Israeli military said tried to stab an Israeli soldier, was killed by Israeli troops, near the West Bank city of Hebron January 14, 2016

Israeli soldiers have shot dead a Palestinian youth on Thursday, claiming he allegedly tried to stab a soldier at the Beit Eynun junction northeast of Hebron on Thursday and in a separate incident near the town of Nablus, shot a man with the claim of another  alleged stabbing.

According to local news, Israeli forces prevented an ambulance from reaching the victim at the Beit Eynun junction, identified as Moayad Al Jabarin, leaving him to bleed to death.

On Tuesday Israeli forces invaded the town of Beit Jala where a sniper shot dead 21 year old Srour Abu Srour. Two boys were shot dead at the Beit Eynun junction shortly after, while on Wednesday morning, a group of Palestinians in the city of Beit Lahia were attacked by an Israeli air strike that killed one civilian and injured three, making six the total number of Palestinians killed by Israeli troops in three days.

Tensions have been particularly high in Hebron, where thousands of Palestinians live under heavy military occupation in the heart of the city while 85 percent of Palestinian territory is being controlled by Israeli forces according to Palestinian Central Office Statistics.

Israel is continuing the establishment of new settlements in East Jerusalem and the West Bank, both of which were occupied In 1967 by Israel. Sixty-seven years have passed since the 1948 Palestinian exodus, also known as the Palestinian Nakba, where 957,000 Palestinians were evicted from their ancestral homes and villages.

Over the past few months, the focus of Israeli-Palestinian violence has largely shifted from the Gaza Strip to the Israeli-occupied West Bank where over 151 Palestinians have been killed and some 20 Israelis died.

Pointing at the high number of Palestinian deaths, Sweden’s foreign ministry has called for an independent investigation into whether Israel carried out extrajudicial killings, Israel's deputy foreign minister had responded by stating that Israel will "close its gates" to officials from Sweden.

A Japanese policeman who recently visited Israel reportedly said “I don’t understand. In our country, if someone stabs a policeman, we grab him by the hand and arrest him. We don’t kill him. Why is it different in Israel?” as cited by Haaretz.

Local media sources have criticised Israel for the ratio of civilians to combatants killed.

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