SOHR says 135 killed in Syria first week of cessation deal

Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says in first week of cessation of hostilities deal 135 people have been killed in areas covered by deal

Photo by: Reuters (Archive)
Photo by: Reuters (Archive)

People carry a wounded man on a stretcher after a bomb attack.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) announced on Saturday that 135 people had been killed since the US and Russia brokered “cessation of hostilities” deal began in Syria on February 27.

552 people also had been killed in areas not covered by the deal, said SOHR.

The first violation by regime forces took place hours after the deal and killed at least three people.

Recently, the Syrian Network for Human Rights stated it recorded at least 180 breaches within the first five days.

Concerning this issue, UN chief Ban Ki moon indicated despite several reported violations, the deal seems to be holding "by and large,"

Syria is currently in a full blown civil war between five main factions - the regime, the opposition, Al Qaeda affiliate Nusra Front, DAESH, and the YPG militants.

According to recent estimates from the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the war in Syria has claimed the lives of more than 470,000 people.

The Syrian Network for Human Rights has reported that more than 180,000 civilians have died from the start of the war till January 31 this year.

About 5 million others took refuge in the neighbouring countries of Turkey, Lebanon, Iraq and Egypt, with Turkey hosting the largest number with almost 2.7 million.


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