Spotters help identify Daesh militants fleeing Mosul

Iraqi officials say around 2,000 militants are still left in western Mosul. Spotters known as "recognisers" are helping authorities pick out those trying to flee disguised as civilians.

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Iraqi security forces check people fleeing the fighting in Mosul.

Civilians are helping authorities in Iraq identify Daesh militants trying to sneak out of the northern city of Mosul, senior officials said.

Authorities believe some 2,000 Daesh members are still left inside western Mosul, and that some of them are trying to leave the city disguised as civilians.

The 100,000-strong US-backed Iraqi security forces fully captured the eastern half of Mosul in January. The coalition began an operation to cross the Tigris and take the western half last month.

Men arriving at relief camps are checked by spotters to help identify militants before they can disappear among the thousands of refugees fleeing the city.

Security forces recruited the informants from among Mosul residents with local knowledge authorities believe will help identify members of Daesh.

TRT World ’s Nicole Johnston has more on the story from southern Mosul.

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