Suicide attack hits Nigerian city, Maiduguri

Series of suicide bombs explode in northeast Nigeria

Photo by: AP
Photo by: AP

Suspected Boko Haram suicide bomb attack at a market in Maiduguri in June

The city of Maiduguri in northeast Nigeria was hit by several suicide bombers on Thursday, but police said that nearly seven bombs exploded and at least two bombs were tied to girls.

No group has claimed responsibility for the explosions yet.

Boko Haram militants mostly used suicide bombers to target civilians, on September 20, many people died in violent attacks in Maiduguri where many attacks and bombing occur.

“The first bomb was strapped to the body of a teenage girl, who wanted to kill worshippers at Ajilari Cross which one of the places hit a week ago,” said Bashir Ali, a driver in the area.

According to Ali, the girl’s purpose was likely to have been a mosque because worshippers were assembling to pray at about 7:30 pm local time.

“Tragedy was averted because there was a little delay as the prayers did not commence in earnest and the bomb strapped to the body of the girl went off and killed her,” he added.

Bakura Ajiya, a butcher, said that while people were running away from the area, there were three blasts, killing a few people, however, he didn’t mention how many people were killed in the attack. There was also another teenage girl that had a bomb aimed to detonate it in a different gathering, but her bomb failed to explode, he added.

“When she attempted to flee, the police shot her in the leg,” he said.

“In all, there were about seven explosions but we are trying to get the details. I cannot tell you the casualty figures for now.” a senior police confirmed.

Details on the blasts and wounded are not precise yet and there might ba a curfew in Maiduguri due to the attacks.

Nigeria’s army on Thursday said that one man was captured after troops exposed and assaulted him at a Boko Haram fuel depot site in the Abbaganaram area of Maiduguri.

“The fuel depot was used to stockpile petroleum, oil and lubricants by Boko Haram terrorists [militants] and their equally heartless collaborators for onward movement to the terrorists’ camps in Sambisa forest,” army spokesman Sani Usman said in a statement.

The Nigerian military was suppossed to end the rebellion in 3 months, starting in August and they said that they were captivating 315 Boko Haram militants, who gave up their weapons.

Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari stated that he was optimistic to stop “conventional” fighting by early November however added that militant attacks on civilians may continue.

According to the human rights group Amnesty International’s (AI) report, released on Wednesday, at least 1,600 people were killed by Boko Haram and the death toll reached up to 3,500 this year alone.

Attacks and the deaths were located in Nigeria, Cameroon, Chad and Niger, where the militant group remains a deadly threat despite military progress, AI stated in the report.

"Governments in affected countries must take all necessary legal measures to ensure the security of civilians in affected areas," said Amnesty's Africa director for research and advocacy, Netsanet Belay.

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