Suicide bomb leaves 25 dead in Nigeria's Adamawa state

Suicide bomber blows himself up at market place in Nigeria’s Adamawa state, kills at least 25

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Updated Jul 28, 2015

Nigerian officials said at least 25 people were killed after a suicide bomber blew himself up at a major marketplace in Yola town of northeastern Adamawa state late on Thursday night.

Nobody has claimed responsibility for the attack, but it leaves suspicions on Boko Haram militants since the blast in the marketplace came hours after Nigeria’s newly-elected President Muhammadu Buhari and Chadian President Idris Deby reiterated their cooperation in the fight against the militant group.

Witnesses described the attack as bloodshed in which the number of casualties were very high, while no one cay say an exact number, but it occurred in a crowded place.

Nigeria has been fighting against Boko Haram for six years, since then thousands of people have been killed and hundreds kidnapped by the militant group to carve out state in northern Nigeria, capturing vast amount of land.

But Nigerian army’s efforts help the country repel Boko Haram from most of the territory it controlled in the past few months with the help of soldiers provided by neighbouring Chad, Niger, and Cameroon.

A senior Nigerian official said earlier on Thursday that the army killed dozens of militants in the last week’s clashes and he described the recent Boko Haram attack as act of desperation by a group in utter disarray.

However, analysts warned Nigeria and the neighbouring countries not to relax too early.

"I had said it is too early to celebrate the army's victory because we have heard stories of the militants regrouping and moving in groups,” said Dr Abubakar Mu'azu, a lecturer at the University of Maiduguri, cited by Anadolu Agency.

“I suspected they were trying to reactivate their terrorist activities,” he said.

“The attacks in the last few days have confirmed this position."


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