Suicide bomber at Shiite funeral kills at least 19 in Iraq

At least 19 Iraqis dead and 41 wounded during suicide bomb attack on Shiite funeral in Baghdad, Iraqi officials say

Photo by: Reuters (Archive)
Photo by: Reuters (Archive)

A member of the Iraqi security forces stands guard outside a Shi'ite mosque after a bomb attack in Baghdad May 27, 2014.

Iraqi security and medical officials announced at least 19 people were killed and 41 wounded during a suicide bombing during a Shiite funeral in a mosque on Friday.

The attack happened in the al Ashara al Mubashareen Mosque, south of Baghdad.

According to Reuters, DAESH said in a statement that one of its members detonated himself  during pro-government Shiite fighter's funeral .

The attack targeted “a group of rejectionist Hashid” addressing the Shiite militias clashing against DAESH in Iraq’s north and west.

Two officials said that the funeral was for a member of the volunteer of the Popular Mobilisation forces which are commanded by Iranian-backed Shiite militias.

Meanwhile, in Sadr City, northern Baghdad, two bombs exploded close to another Shiite mosque and killed at least two people and injured nine others.

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