Suspect arrested in Mahabad death: Iranian police

Man arrested for being “an associate” in female hotel worker's death in Mahabad

Photo by: Social Media
Photo by: Social Media

Updated Jul 28, 2015

A senior Iranian police official announced on Sunday the arrest of a man who is reportedly associated with Farinaz Khosrawani’s death, the girl who jumped from the to her own death from the forth floor of a hotel to avoid sexual assault in Mahabad, Tasnim news agency has reported.

“The suspect has confessed being with Farinaz Khosrawani at the time of her fall from the fourth floor of the Tara Hotel,” Iran’s deputy police chief, Saeed Montazar Almahdi said.

“He has been arrested, handed over to the judicial authorities and he has confessed,” he added, not giving the suspect’s name or any other information.

According to BBC, the deputy governor of Western Azerbaijan province of Iran, Alireza Radfar claims that Khosrawani and the suspect had a kind of romantic relationship.

“Some kind of acquaintance existed between the two of them, but medical exams show that no immoral relationship had taken place,” Radfar said.

However, the Secretary General of the Kurdish Komala party, Abullah Muhtadi told that “Khosrawani was an accountant, not a janitor at the hotel and did not know the man.”

“This incident took place when the young woman had learned that her family and hotel manager had found out about their relationship and she tried to go from one balcony to the next but unfortunately she fell and died,” the deputy police chief said.

International media outlets reported the story of Khosrawani on Thursday, saying the girl jumped to her own death trying to escape a rape attempt by a police officer and the hotel manager.

Clashes between protesters and Iranian riot police erupted Thursday in the ethnically Kurdish city of Mahabad, after the Farinaz Khosrawani incident.

Protesters torched the Tara hotel in which Khosrawani used to work.

More than 25 people were injured in the clashes and the demonstrations spread to the nearby cities.

Although Iranian officials urged the protesters to wait until an investigation into the incident is completed, protests were ignited in Sardasht.

Hundreds of Kurds gathered in Sarchawa Square of Sardasht and marched toward Salahaddin Ayyubi Square to support protesters in Mahabad.

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