Syrian Arabs, Turkmens oppose PYD federation plans

Union of Arab and Turkmen Tribes say they will not allow any division of Syria following PYD announcement on forming federal system in country’s north

Photo by: Reuters (Archive)
Photo by: Reuters (Archive)

Armed Syrian Turkmen villagers are seen near the northern Syrian village of Yamadi, near the Turkish-Syrian border, Syria, November 24, 2015, after clashes between Syrian pro-government forces and the opposition in coastal Latakia province.

Syria’s Arab and Turkmen populations on Thursday said they oppose an effort by the PYD to form a federation in the country’s north.

In a statement, the Union of Arab and Turkmen Tribes, which form the vast majority of northern Syria’s population, claimed that the PYD - the Syrian-affiliate of PKK terrorist group – is planning to carry out its separatist project with the support of countries that call themselves friends of Syria.

The Syrian people will not accept handing over the country to “a group of terrorists (militants) and dark forces,” the union said, adding that they would not allow any division of Syria and withstand anyone trying to do so.

On Wednesday, Idris Nassan from the PYD-controlled city of Kobane on the Turkish-Syrian border said that the areas under their control in northern Syria will form a federal system.

He said the system would be named "the Federation of northern Syria," and would represent "all ethnic groups" living there.

Following the statement Turkey and The United States announced they would not recognise such a move.

A Turkish Foreign Ministry official reiterated Turkey’s support for the unity of Syria and called for all sections of Syria to take part in forming a new government and administrative structure in the country with a new constitution.

In mid October last year Amnesty International said in a report that YPG - the armed wing of the PYD - had committed war crimes by forcing thousands of non-Kurdish civilians, including Turkmen and Arab minorities, out of their homes and wiping out entire villages.

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