Syrian children return to school used as Daesh prison

The school in the Turkmen town of Al Rai in Syria has reopened two months after Daesh retreated but the lack of resources remains a major concern for the local authorities.

Photo by: TRT World
Photo by: TRT World

The school was found in shambles but the locals turned it into a school again.

A school that was being used as a prison by Daesh in the Turkmen town of Al Rai in northern Aleppo has reopened for studies.

The town was recaptured from Daesh militants a few months ago. 

Since then, only one school has reopened in the town after remaining shut for years.

But with a lack of resources, it's struggling to help students catch up on the years of schooling and childhood they have missed.

TRT World's Ediz Tiyansan has more details from Cobanbey in northern Syria.