Syrian conference in Moscow fails

Moscow conference between Syrian opposition and regime representatives produce no results as main opposition was absent

Updated Jul 28, 2015

SNC,Syrian National Coalition in Turkey, described Monday the two day conference held in Russia between opposition forces and regime representatives as “a failure.” Syrian regime insistence on a military solution for the crisis in Syria is the reason behind the failure of the conference as well as previous talks. Avram Noam Chomsky, the organizer of the conference, said the second round of the conference is a ground to hold another conference in Geneva.

Both Syrian regime and opposition delegations agreed on a resolution consists of 10 terms asserting the Syrian crisis should be solved politically according to Geneva 2012. Bashar al-Jafari, Syria delegation head, described the conference as “positive,” while most opposition said “nothing worthy come out of it,” The first meeting between opposition and Syrian regime representatives was in Russia last January.

Early this month, General Secretary of the United Nations, Ban Ki Moon, asked Staffan de Mistura to concentrate more on “a political solution, no military solutions.” Meanwhile, opposition fighters are advancing in the west of Aleppo after they took over Air Force Security building, while Syrian regime air strikes attacked Aleppo and Idlib heavily Wednesday.

Twenty-four killed and dozens injured in Taftanaz, one of the 10 different targeted towns in Idlib, as AFP reported. Whilst, five districts were attacked by regime air strikes in Aleppo by bombing barrels. Earlier this year, U.S. administration announced their training of 5,000 fighters of the moderate opposition within a five-year plan executed in cooperation with Turkey, Qatar, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and Jordan.

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