Syrian family fears another displacement as regime forces draw near

Having moved several times during the six-year-long Syria war, Abu Qassim's family may have to flee again, this time from Eastern Ghouta, as regime forces battle rebels dominating the area.

Photo by: TRT World
Photo by: TRT World

Abu Qassim's family is internally displaced and has moved several times in the six-year-long conflict.

The suburb of Eastern Ghouta in Syria, east of Damascus, is one of the few areas close to the capital still under the control of rebel fighters. As the regime forces close in and the battle continues, civilians have been forced to flee.

Abu Qassim's is one such family that has been internally displaced several times during the six-year-long war. Their eldest son was detained by regime forces in the 2011 protests. They haven't heard from him since.

Their home was originally in Hateetat al-Turkman, east of Damascus. Ever since air strikes hit the area, the family has been wandering the suburbs of Damascus.

Eventually, Abu Qassim found some peace in a bombed out house in East Ghouta, which provided shelter from cold.

But that peace might be short-lived; regime forces are advancing to take over the area from the rebels and the family may be forced to flee yet again.

TRT World'Abubakr al Shamahi speaks with Qassim's family.