Syrian media says Druze leader’s ‘killer’ arrested

Syrian State media accusing the Nusra Front of killing the Druze leader, but residents in Sweida denied the allegation

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Druze men protests in the province of Swieda

The Syrian State media accused Al Qaeda affiliated Nusra front of conducting two car bombings that killed the prominent Druze leader. 

The State TV said that Wafi Abu Trabi, had confessed to elders in Swaida province for plotting the bombing, identifying himself as a member of the Nusra Front.

Since 2011, Sweida province has stayed away from the ongoing conflict in Syria, but the car bombings that executed on Friday killing the anti-government prominent Druze leader, Sheikh Wahid Balous, erupting protests of Druze in the province, accusing the Assad regime over the killing of the leader.

According to an activist, clashes between residents and police took place near the police station, which led to the death of some Assad’s policemen. Balous’ supports said that they will expel Assad Security agents from the city.  

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), the death toll rose on Saturday to 37, including six policemen that have been killed in the clashes.

Days before the explosion in Sweida, a lot of residents rallied the city streets, protesting the inability of the government to provide services.

Some of Balous’ supporters said in a statement that they would expel security forces from Swaida province, which until now has largely stayed out of the clashes in Syria’s civil war.

The Syrian regime's claim was rejected by Druze as Abdul-Hai told the Associated France Press. He said that Trabi is a Druze, which will never be accepted to be a member of a Sunni organisation as the regime claimed.

Syrian opposition, the National Syrian Coalition, based in Istanbul, deplored the killing of Balous, known as “the dignity Sheikh," in an attempt to put an end to the sounds that protest the government.

Druze are an ethnic minority mostly living in Syria, Israel and Lebanon. They are concentrated in the south of Syria in particular, though there are some Druze villages spread throughout the country as well. 


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