Syrian opposition agrees to evacuate Homs as part of deal

Syrian regime leader Bashar al Assad's government and opposition forces reach agreement to leave last part of Homs city under their control

Photo by: AP (Archive )
Photo by: AP (Archive )

Man rides a motorcycle in a devastated part of Homs, Syria on June 5, 2014

The Syrian government and opposition fighters have agreed on a ceasefire in the country’s third largest city of Homs which has been under government siege since 2012.

Sources speaking to Reuters stated that Syrian and UN officials have been meeting in Homs attempting to finalise an agreement,  following ceasefire in the city’s Waer district, but it is still not certain if representatives from armed groups attended the meeting or not.

There have been a number of local ceasefire deals to solve the conflict that has killed approximately 250,000 people.

"We are now waiting for the logistical preparations that will contribute to the successful implementation" of the deal, said Ali Haidar, minister for national reconciliation.

"What is more important than the details is that the process starts to build trust with those who are willing to exit. Then there will be procedures for the safe and secure exit and this will build trust with local people in Waer," he added.

US President Barack Obama stated on Tuesday that, they can initiate a pockets of ceasefires in parts of Syria over saving opposition groups from Russian bombings.

The Waer agreement also consists of efforts to settle "the status of militants who wish to hand in their weapons and to return to their normal lives," a statement from the governor's office said.

According to sources, if the deal follows through, humanitarian assistance will also be provided for the district of Waer. 

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