Syrian opposition captures two towns in Aleppo

Syrian rebels capture two towns in outskirts of northern city of Aleppo, previously controlled by Syrian regime forces

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Updated Jul 28, 2015

Syrian rebels captured two towns on Monday, Sheikh Mohammed and Al Rashidiya, South of Aleppo. Regime forces had been in control of the two towns earlier. Rebels took a tank and weapons previously owned by the regime, according to Aleppo Today, an opposition news channel.

Three of the opposition fighting groups in Aleppo, The Brigade 101, Islamic Safwa Brigades and the First Regiment announced on Sunday the start of the battle "Aleppo insurrection" in three regions: the Old part of the city, Ramousa, and Seikh Saiid.

The rebels claimed they captured four regime soldiers, killed 15 others and cut the main road towards those regions in Sheikh Saiid during the clashes with regime troops, said.

Upon hearing the news that the rebels were launching a battle to capture the city, the regime was confounded, according to Sham opposition news net.

Since last March opposition media said the regime had started to relocate the most important documents from Central Bank of Aleppo and the contents of Aleppo Museum.

Moreover, high-rated officials had left the city with their families towards regime-held coastal provinces.

Clashes between the regime and armed opposition groups in Aleppo started in 2012 causing a lot of destruction and bombardment in the province.

Armed opposition fighters took control over parts of the city after confrontations and clashes with regime forces and pro-regime militias.  

Aleppo city is currently divided into two parts, regime-held and opposition-held. Between the two parts of the city there is a passing called "Bustan al Kaser,"  which the regime sometimes closes, preventing civilians from passing to the regime-held part of the city.

The Syrian regime waged a campaign of intensive air strikes against Aleppo since Dec. 18, 2013. The death toll of the campaign was 2,049 civilians including 571 children until 2014. The ongoing air strikes on Aleppo targeted civilian residences, schools, and markets. According to UN estimates, more than 220,000 Syrians have been killed since the war in Syria started in 2011.

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