Syrian opposition takes control of two Turkmen villages

Backed by Turkey, US air support helps Syrian opposition groups take control of two Turkmen villages in Northern Syria

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

Fighters of the Syrian opposition group Al Sultan Murad Brigades stand guard against possible attacks on November 20, 2015.

Syrian opposition groups backed by Turkish and US air support took control of two Turkmen villages - Harcele and Delha - in northern Syria on Saturday, officials reported.

The operation, which may be the first step towards creating a DAESH-free zone in northern Syria, was supported by six Turkish and five US warplanes.

According to security officials, 70 DAESH terrorists were killed during the operation led by the opposition-aligned Turkmen Al Sultan Murad Brigades.

The group - Al Sultan Murad Brigades - cooperated with the Damascus Front to advance to the north of Aleppo.

The opposition forces took control of the towns of Harcele and Delha located across from southeastern Turkish border province of Kilis.

Security sources also said that the success in the fight against DAESH will encourage the opposition forces to fight against the terrorist group and help ensure Turkey’s border security.

Recently, Turkmen villages in Syria were hit by Russian air strikes and many civilians were killed.

On Friday, Turkey summoned the Russian envoy Karlov to discuss the bombing of civilians in Syrian Turkmen villages near the Turkish border.

Turkey’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson Tanju Bilgic also said that the ministry has repeatedly warned Russia against targeting Turkmens in Syria.

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