Syrian photographer does more than take pictures

Working in the devastation of war, Abd Alkader Habak is not just a man who stays behind the camera, he has taken part in rescue efforts.

Photo by: Twitter/@RatebNoori
Photo by: Twitter/@RatebNoori

Photographer Abd Alkader Habak saving a child after a suicide bomb blast in Aleppo.

The war in Syria has been defined not only by violence, but also the images captured of it.

The pictures and videos of children suffering, people suffocating and the overall destruction of entire cities and towns have featured prominently on TV screens, news websites and social media platforms.

And while those images may lose their significance day in and day out, it's not the case for those who see it firsthand.

Photographer, Abd Alkader Habak, is not just a man behind a camera, he is affected by the condition of his fellow Syrians.

Working in the devastation of war, he has not only put his life in jeopardy to capture moments of terror, but also took part in rescue efforts.

One such incident is when he saved a child immediately after a suicide bomb went off in Aleppo during an evacuation of besieged people.

"It's not the first time I have seen these terrible scenes, and it's not the first time I have shed tears for a dead child. I have lived under siege and seen much suffering that is hard to imagine, " says Habak.

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