'Syrian refugee' costume sparks social media outrage

American missionary in South Africa dressed up as 'Syrian refugee' for Halloween receives harsh criticism

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

An American missionary in South Africa who dressed up as a “Syrian refugee” for Halloween sparked massive outrage on social media.

For her Halloween costume, Abigail Dapron picked a woman wearing a hijab and carrying a baby doll, impersonating a “Syrian refugee.”

Dapron shared a photo on Instagram with a caption that says “Perks of having Saudi raised besties ;).”

Despite using hashtags in support of refugees such as “#weloveourrefugeefriends #jesuslovestherefugees #jesuswasarefugee” in the post, her costume choice received condemnatory comments such as “insensitive” and “disgusting.”


In order to seek refugee, over 750,000 people have crossed the Mediterranean Sea, mostly using rubber boats which are far from adequate enough to provide a secure passage.

At least 3,300 people have lost their lives or have gone missing while trying to reach Europe so far this year.

Thousands of people from the Middle East and Africa, are fleeing their countries due to war and conflict. Syrians are the largest group among the refugees, as over 4 million people have left the war torn country since the start of the civil war in 2011.

Many photos displaying the harsh conditions refugee women carrying their children face on the long journey have been shown in the media.

Dapron’s photo, showing her dressed up as a refugee has been widely shared on Twitter.


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