Syrian regime air strikes on Aleppo kill 40

Syrian regime air strikes on three villages in Aleppo killed more than 40 civilians

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Updated Jul 28, 2015

Regime air strikes on three opposition-held areas in Aleppo killed about 40 civilians, 17 of them being children and 3 women on Wednesday the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human rights (SOHR) said on Thursday.

Dozens of civilians were wounded in the barrel bomb attacks, most of them remain in critical condition according to the Observatory.

Regime media outlets said the air force killed dozens of “terrorists” due to yesterday’s attacks on Aleppo. 

The Syrian regime of Bashar al-Assad uses the term terrorist to describe anyone residing in opposition held territories. 

Over 7 civilians were killed including women and children and at least 15 were wounded in a separate attack on Damascus in the Ain Tarma district of Ghouta, according to the Turkish state-run Anadolu Agency.  

SOHR reported on Wednesday that more than 12,560 air strikes were conducted by the Syrian regime’s air force countrywide between January and May of this year as helicopters dropped more than 6,686 explosive filled barrel bombs.

At least 1,820 civilians were killed due to regime attacks, 428 accounting for children and for 290 women. About 15 thousands civilians were wounded, SOHR added. 

Around 814 opposition group fighters and those from Syria’s al-Qaeda affiliated Nusra Front were killed and other hundreds have been wounded.

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