Syrian regime breaks DAESH siege on northern airbase

Syrian regime forces allied by Hezbollah fighters, Iranian troops, Russian airstrikes breaks seige on DAESH-held airbase eastern of Aleppo province

Photo by: AFP
Photo by: AFP

Syrian regime troops waliking in the outskirts of northern rovince of Aleppo

Updated Nov 12, 2015

Syrian regime troops allied by Hezbollah fighters broke the two-years siege by DAESH of a military airbase of Kwayres in northern Syria on Tuesday, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) said.

The Britain-based SOHR said that an advanced party of troops advanced towards the base and managed to break the siege from the eastern part of the base allied by Hezbollah NDF troops as well as the Iranian fighters.

The attack on the base which started almost a month ago was supported by intensive Russian airstrikes.

This gain for regime forces is considered the first major achievement since Russian airstrikes started in September 30 on the side of the Syrian regime and its leader Bashar al Assad.

Pro-regime Syrian media reported that Assad had phone called the commander of the airport and the leader of the operation praising them for the operation.

The clashes were accompanied by intense shelling and airstrikes by the Russian and regime air forces.

According to regime sources, hundreds of the Syrian regime troops who were held up since 2013 inside the airbase were freed.

Syrian rebels who are fighting DAESH in northern Aleppo failed to reclaim territories where the Russian airstrikes are targeting rebels’ positions flowing more than 1,600 stories within less than one month.

DAESH had announced the Syrian Raqqa province, the main stronghold of DAESH in Syria, as the capital of their claimed caliphate state in 2014.

DAESH's strongholds in Syria are mainly in the north and east of the country, but it has recently boosted its presence in Homs province since capturing the historic city of Palmyra earlier this year, and then Qaryatain town in the countryside of Homs.

The UN estimates the death toll in Syria, since the war started as an uprise, to be at least 250,000, while the SOHR states that the number have now reached 350,000.

A further estimate of 350,000 refugees have sought asylum in European Union countries since the war began in Syria in 2011.

About 5 million others took refuge in neighbouring countries of Turkey, Lebanon, Iraq and Egypt, with Turkey hosting the largest group with over 2 million.

Thousands are still pushing towards EU countries to look for an immediate solution to the global refugee crisis of the Syrians.

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