Thirty two fishermen drown off Libyan coast

Thirty two fishermen drown off Libyan coast during fishing expedition cut short by storm

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Fishermen work from their boat in Wadi El-Rayan Lake at the desert of Al Fayoum Governorate, southwest of Cairo, Egypt - Archive

Twenty six Egyptian fishermen from Kafr El Sheikh Governorate and six Libyan fishermen died after the boat they rode capsized off Libya’s coast city of Khoms 100 kilometres east of Tripoli, because of a hurricane, only four fishermen survived.

Egyptian national fishermen’s syndicate Ahmed Abdou told Al Ahram Arabic news website on Friday, that the four rescued fishermen were treated and transported to Khoms’ area local prison, detained pending investigation.

Ahmed Abdou of the fishermen’s syndicate demanded that President Abdel Fattah el Sisi should secure the release of the detained fishermen, Abdou also said the Egyptian government is responsible of supporting the families of the deceased.

One survivor named Rajab Hassan Awam called his family, and informed them of the incident. Awam called his wife and told her that her brother was among the dead, he cited that he saw most of them struggle to survive before they died.

Egypt’s Foreign Ministry is scheduled to receive official information regarding the accident, its spokesman Ahmed Abou Zeid told Al Ahram.

“We are investigating the reports to ascertain whether such an accident has taken place,” said Abou Zeid.

The Egyptian Foreign Ministry is in contact with its Libyan counterpart over the incident.



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