Thousands flood in al Aqsa mosque for ‘itikaf’

Thousands of muslims gather in al Aqsa mosque to worship in retreat in last 10 days of holy month of Ramadan

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

Updated Jul 28, 2015

Al Aqsa mosque has been swarmed by thousands of muslims who came from different cities of Palestine, as well as from abroad, for itikaf worship in the last ten days or Islamic holy month of Ramadan.

Itikaf is an Islamic practice in which muslims retreat in a mosque for a period of time for worship. It is commonly carried out during Ramadan, particularly in it’s last ten days. The certain number of days depends on the believer’s own wish.

Al Aqsa mosque is located in Old City of Jerusalem. It is the third holiest site for Muslims after Kaaba in Mecca and al Masjid an Nabawi (Mosque of Prophet Muhammad) in Medina.

Muslims retreat to worship withdrawing themselves away from the worldly affairs and devote their time wholly to prayer.

Lots of Palestinians who live in the occupied West Bank reached al Aqsa climbing the separation wall because of Israel’s restrictions.

The Israeli soldiers hinder the Palestinians’ entrance and exit after the tarawih prayers, the extra prayers performed at night during Ramadan, and opens the entrances in mornings half hour before morning prayers.

During last year’s Ramadan month, Israel had blocked the crossings from West Bank to Jerusalem completely, allegedly for security measures while putting age limitation for the Jerusalem muslims to enter al Aqsa.

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