Three Israeli soldiers 'videobomb' Palestinian newscast

Three Israeli soldiers disrupt Palestinian news broadcast, mock news reporter

Photo by: Other
Photo by: Other

Israeli soldiers make fun of Palestinian newswoman as she reports the news

Three Israeli soldiers disrupted a Palestinian news broadcast that took place in the West Bank.

From footage of the incident, which has so far been viewed on social media thousands of times, it can be seen that the soldiers mock the newswoman during her news broadcast.

The soldiers can be first seen standing behind the newswoman and then next to her, they then proceed to shake their heads, make rabbit ears using their fingers and can be heard saying the word ''no'' in Arabic.

After the incident took place, it was claimed the Israeli soldiers were punished by the military for their indecent actions. This alleged punishment reportedly involves that the soldiers be confined to their military base for 14 days.

The Israeli Defense Forces have reportedly said that the soldiers did not show proper conduct in front of the media, not mentioning the disrespect they showed to the newswoman.  



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