Three killed in Lebanese raid on suspected militant

Suspected militant blows himself up, killing himself and two family members during Lebanese military raid on his home

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

A building damaged by an explosion is pictured in Deir Ammar town, northeast from the city of Tripoli, Lebanon December 5, 2015.

Three people, including a suspected militant and his two family members, were killed in a military raid in northern Lebanon on Saturday.

Security and medical sources said the man blew himself up during the raid on his home in Deir Ammar town, northeast of the city of Tripoli.

Lebanese security sources identified the man as Mohammed Hamzeh and said his wife and mother were also killed in the explosion. Four soldiers and six other people were also wounded during the raid.

Lebanese authorities have been conducting raids targeting suspected DAESH members since 44 people were killed in a bombing attack in Beirut on November 12 claimed by the terrorist group.

Twenty-six people were charged with being members of DAESH last week, 23 of whom in direct connection to the Beirut bombings.

Hamzeh is allegedly a member of a group which pledged allegiance to DAESH, Reuters reported.

The civil war in neighboring Syria has affected Lebanon as militant groups from across the border have attacked Lebanese forces and residential areas.

Lebanese Shiite militia group Hezbollah is also fighting in Syria on the side of Bashar al Assad.

Al Qaeda’s Syrian affiliate Nusra Front have agreed to exchange 16 lebanese security personnel for 13 prisoners held in Lebanese jails, including Saja al Dulaimi, an ex-wife of DAESH leader Abu Bakr al Baghdadi.

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