Three suicide bombers kill at least four people in Nigeria

Three female suicide bombers believed to be between ages of 11, 15 blew themselves up killing at least four people, injuring 17 in Nigeria

Photo by: AFP
Photo by: AFP

Officials from Red Cross try to remove a dead body from the scene of the blast in Miduguri on October 16, 2015.

Three female suicide bombers believed to be between the ages of 11 and 15 blew themselves up, killing at least four people and injuring 17, in Nigeria.

NEMA (National Emergency Management Agency) coordinator Mohammed Kanar, told AFP that the attack happened right after 5:00 am (04:00 GMT) on early Friday.

The suicide bombers detonated their improvised explosive devices (IED) in Umarari Bayan Waya area of Mulai village in Maiduguri, the Borno State capital in northeast Nigeria.

According to local media the bombers carried out the attack when Muslims were getting ready for the early morning prayer

Muhtari Ahmadu, a trader near the scene said that the number of dead is much higher and that there were no injured survivors after the suicide bombing, media reported.  

“We counted 42 dead bodies outside the mosque,” said Amadu Marte, who is a volunteer supporting the security forces, adding “When rescuers and sympathisers gathered in front of the place, the second one went off, killing many of them.”

NEMA reported that in the last 24 hours, five bombs have exploded in Maiduguri, killing a total of 39 people and injuring 49 others. 

At least 30 people died on Wednesday after two suicide bombers targeted a mosque in Maiduguri, which has recently become a prime target for the Boko Haram militants. 

US troops to fight Boko Haram

Boko Haram militants continued their attacks during the weekend with three bombings, killing at least 41 people in Baga Sola, on the Chadian side of Lake Chad, where Nigeria meets Niger, Chad and Cameroon.

The White House administration announced on Wednesday that the United States is sending 300 US troops to Cameroon, as part of an effort to counter Boko Haram militant group, who has been active in West African countries since 2009.        

According to the statement released by the White House spokesman, Josh Earnest troops will be armed and will defend themselves, but will not engage in active combat, as they are expected to carry out airborne intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance operations in the country.

Earnest said that, "The US military forces who were deployed to Cameroon are there at the invitation of the government of Cameroon and will act in coordination with the government of Cameroon.”

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