Top Iranian cleric calls for decrease in satellite jamming

Senior Iranian religious leader calls on Iranian authorities to decrease use of satellite jamming

Photo by: IRNA
Photo by: IRNA

Updated Jul 28, 2015

A senior Iranian cleric has called on Iranian authorities to decrease satellite jamming, a method used to prevent TV viewers from watching certain satellite channels.

Ayatollah Naser Makarem Shirazi, a religious leader residing in Qom, said advanced technologies can be used to filter out unwanted satellite channels instead of satellite jamming.

Speaking to officials from telecommunication companies, Shiraz said the use of parasites to block satellite channels is a double-edged sword.

Iran filters out satellite TV content and jams channels such as BBC Persian and Voice of America as well as other channels on Western satellites.

According to satellite specialists, Iran uses two jamming techniques. "Vertical jamming" sends noise signals directly to the satellite to override a channel's entire feed. The other is "territorial jamming", which involves noise stations set up locally to interfere with reception in specific neighborhoods.

An official from Russia's Federal Service for Military and Technical Cooperation confirmed that Russia sold Iran sophisticated jamming equipment, RIA Novosti reported in 2011.