Tough challenges for families leaving Aleppo

With no assets, employment or anywhere to live, families who left everything behind in Aleppo are now facing a very tough future.

Photo by: AFP
Photo by: AFP

The Turkish Red Crescent Society has set up up a new camp with 2,500 tents for the evacuees in Syria's Idlib province.

Following the evacuation of at least 37,000 civilians from eastern Aleppo, tens of thousands of them now find themselves living in challenging conditions in the relative safety of opposition-held areas in neighbouring Idlib province.

Some of the evacuees have been taken in by relatives or are in refugee camps.

Thousands more are expected to be bused to the regime-held west of the city under a new deal aimed at ensuring their safety.

Muhammad Qomqom and his family were among those who left the last rebel-held enclave in eastern Aleppo.

They're now in Idlib where the Turkish Red Crescent Society has set up a new refugee camp with 2,500 tents.

Qomqom has eight children and is grateful his family is out of harm's way.

But with no assets and no employment, there is little prospect of an easy recovery.

TRT World's Ediz Tiyansan has this report from Idlib province.