Turkey hits DAESH targets after soldier dies

Turkey conducts air strikes in response to fire from DAESH terror group following death of soldier in northern Iraq

Photo by: AA (Archive)
Photo by: AA (Archive)

Turkish Fighter Jets.

Updated Mar 27, 2016

Turkish General Staff stated on Saturday that Turkey destroyed DAESH terror group targets after one Turkish soldier died and another was wounded in crossfire in northern Iraq.

The incident came during a gun battle between DAESH terrorists and Iraqi Kurdish Peshmerga fighters on Saturday around the Bashiqa Military Base located in northern Iraq.

"Due to projectiles that fell on the base, our hero comrade has been martyred and one hero comrade was slightly injured," said the statement.

The army said the injured soldier was taken to receive medical treatment at a state hospital in the southeastern Turkish province of Sirnak.

Few hours later the Turkish General Staff released another statement saying US-led international coalition targeted DAESH positions in the northern part of Iraq.

"Four terrorist DAESH positions in northern Iraq have been hit by warplanes of the [international] coalition," said the army.

"Right after, four additional targets were heavily bombarded by Turkish Armed Forces planes; the targets were destroyed," the statement read.

Phone-call during conference

Turkish Premier Ahmet Davutoglu said in a press conference on late Saturday, before departing for Jordan, that Turkey conducted two air strike campaigns on DAESH targets.

Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu speaks on the phone with the family of the fallen soldier during the press conference / AA

Davutoglu said one of them was related to rules of engagement and the other one was conducted with the contribution of international coalition fighter jets.

“We are committed to this issue and any attack to our military presence abroad will be met with our will and power,” Davutoglu said.

During the conference Davutoglu called the family of the fallen soldier. The premier shared his condolences with the family.

"The most difficult phone calls are the ones with families of martyrs. But I want to say, I wish I had opened the speaker and make you listen. Only one word was said in their time of sadness: Everything is for the motherland. There is no issue that cannot be overcome with such a nation," stated Davutoglu.


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