Turkey says it will not militarily intervene in Syria

Senior Turkish official indicates that country is not considering any ground operation in Syria flatly denying Russian claims of imminent Turkish military intervention

Photo by: Reuters (Archive)
Photo by: Reuters (Archive)

A Turkish military vehicle leaves from the Dag military post, which was attacked by DAESH, on the Turkish-Syrian border near Kilis in a July 24, 2015 file photo

Turkey is not planning a military incursion into Syria and Russian talk of such action is propaganda, a senior Turkish government official said on Friday.

"Turkey does not have any plans or thoughts of staging a military campaign or ground incursion in Syria," the official told Reuters, adding Russia was stepping up its own military campaign in Syria every day instead of working for a solution.

"Turkey is part of a coalition, is working with its allies, and will continue to do so. As we have repeatedly said, Turkey will not act unilaterally," the official said.

A Russian defence ministry spokesman said on Thursday that Moscow had serious grounds to suspect Turkey was preparing a military incursion in Syria.

Saudi military spokesman said on Thursday that the kingdom is ready to send ground troops to Syria in order to fight against DAESH terrorist group if the US-led anti-DAESH coalition has agreed.

US Defense Secretary Ash Carter welcomed the Saudi offer saying that increased activity by other countries would make it easier for the United States to accelerate its fight against DAESH.  

Turkey and US-led anti-DAESH coalition including Saudi Arabia have consistently defended the toppling of the Assad regime by backing opposition groups while Russia and Iran have supported the regime since the beginning of the conflict.

TRTWorld, Reuters